Amending / Cancelling / Reinstating a Claim

All Learners wishing to withdraw from their chosen learning activity or amend course dates should contact their designated Education Staff following the guidance in the below table.

Learners are reminded that re-instatement of an ELC instalment is only permitted for those who have to withdraw from a course of study because of operational or compassionate circumstances. Further details can be found in JSP 822.

Individuals who give up a course through lack of commitment will not be considered for reinstatement of an ELC instalment. This also applies if they withdraw because the course did not meet their expectations.

Scheme members who request a reinstatement under such circumstances risk forfeiting their ELC instalment and membership eligibility of the ELC scheme.

If ELCAS has already generated a payment file for the learning activity then the Learner should follow the Single Service reinstatement procedure NOT the cancellation procedure.

Learners wishing to amend their claim details should follow the guidance below:

Change of Details  Process to Follow

Change of course start date (up to three months)


Change of course start date (greater than three months)


Change of course end date

Ed Staff/Line Manager to agree.
ELCAS do not need to be informed.

Change of course costs (total, ELC grant or contributions value)


Change of course costs from lower tier to higher tier (claim form signed prior to claimant becoming eligible at higher tier rate) 


Addition or Deletion of a module from an overall course (only to be permitted where resultant course still fulfils eligibility criteria)


Change of course

Cancellation / Reinstatement

Change of Provider

Cancellation / Reinstatement

Change of course code



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