Spouse/Nominated Proxy

In the event of the death or medical discharge of a Service Person whose condition renders them unable to utilise their ELC, it may be permissible to transfer all remaining ELC payments to the Service Person's spouse or nominated proxy. The eligibility to transfer ELC to a spouse or eligible partner is to be assessed using the qualifying criteria detailed JSP 534.

Claiming Enhanced Learning Credits

Please speak to your Liasion Officer regarding claiming.

Wounded, Injured and Sick

(WIS) Service personnel are automatically eligible for support from the Defence Recovery Capability (DRC) through their Single Services as soon as their unit records them on the Wounded Injured and Sick Management Information System (WISMIS). This happens if military personnel have been, or are likely to be, wounded, injured or sick for more than 7 days.

Service Personnel who have completed Initial (Phase 1 and 2) training and who are registered Scheme members, who become WIS before achieving the required six years eligible service, and who are expected to return to duty, may be authorised to claim ELC at the lower tier rate.  ELC use when WIS must be part of an Individual Recovery Plan (IRP) managed by single Service recovery schemes.  (Please see the latest version of JSP 822 under the downloads section of the website)

Claiming Enhanced Learning Credits

Please see Service Personnel Claiming ELC or Service Leaver Claiming ELC respectively.

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