Choosing your Learning Provider

A key stage of making a claim is choosing a suitable learning activity and Learning Provider. Your chosen organisation must be an ELC Approved Provider. For claims including an element of PF FEHE funding your chosen organisation must also be a PF FEHE approved provider. Use only the comprehensive list of Approved Providers available via the search engine by pressing the button below

The easiest way to identify a suitable provider is to use the search filters available. Using these results you can then either refine your search to take into account other factors or you can explore the individual provider websites through the links provided. This search engine facility also allows searches for PF FEHE approved providers, Approved Learning Providers by name, The Geographic Area, Course Title, and/or Delivery Method. Please note that when searching for Learning Providers offering distance learning you should not search by geographic location. 

Search for ProvideR OR CouRSE

Points to note when booking your course

Please note that although the Learning Provider as an organisation may be Approved you must still ensure that the specific course has been approved by MOD. Only MoD approved courses will appear on the Provider's course listing on the ELCAS website Learning Provider Search Engine.

If you are not happy that your chosen Learning Provider is following the ELC scheme policies please detail your complaint in writing via your Education Staff or Single Service Representative.

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