Taking Teaching Further Programme 

The Taking Teaching Further programme is a national initiative to attract experienced industry professionals with expert technical knowledge and skills to work in Further Education (FE). This Department for Education-funded initiative is managed on its behalf by the Education and Training Foundation who also played a key role in the programme’s development.

What are the programme's long term aims? 

1) To raise the profile and prestige of skilled FE teaching, particularly among industry professionals; and

2) To increase the overall number of skilled technical teaching roles by helping providers to support experienced industry professionals with the training that they require to become FE teachers.

Round 3 of the programme is running from April 2020 to July 2022. The focus will be on supporting FE Providers to recruit people with industry experience to retrain as FE teachers in teaching positions across any of the 15 technical  teaching routes.

Details and eligibility criteria can be found here

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